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The First Self-Explainable Deep Learning Engine


Xpdeep revolutionary DL engine generates simultaneously the deep model and its precise, complete and intelligible explanations, offering an unprecedented transparent view inside the AI black box, with no compromise on performance.


Build AI models with confidence and efficiency

Easy to implement

Simply substitute our engine components in your code to start building self-explainable deep models.

Improved Trust

Understand AI outputs with plain language explanations and interactive visualization

Simplified Adoption

Bridge the gap between AI and non-technical teams with trust and confidence.

They trust us

A Deep Learning Engine For All

Data scientists and developers

  • Train your model faster, having full visibility into the learning process

  • Be ensured the engine avoids regression and overfitting

  • Reduce the amount of data, removing unnecessary sources

  • Get explanations for deep models based on temporal data

Compliance officers and regulatory institutions

  • Detect vulnerabilites and bias in the model
  • Understand how the model operates from within
  • Get decision robustness and performance indicators for individuals, a group or the entire dataset

Vertical application users

  • Be autonomous in understanding AI decisions or recommendations

  • Take data-driven decisions with trust and understanding

  • Share output results with other non-tech stakeholders

  • Justify actions and decisions made

Become a Partner

Consultants, Integrators, Application Developers, Independent Software Vendors, OEMs: Partner with Xpdeep.


Take your customers to the forefront of AI innovation and ethics

Introduce your customers to Xpdeep self-explainable deep learning engine and cater to their operational and regulatory needs for trust and explainability in AI.

Our visualization module shows them explanations of deep models they have never seen before and opens up alleys of opportunities.

Let your customers finally access AI explanations

Deploy Xpdeep-generated self-explainable deep learning models into your customers' applications or the machines/software you provide.

Let them access explanations via our visualization module or APIs, and empower them to harness the potential of explainable and trustworthy AI tailored to their needs, complemented by your unique expertise.

"Users would prefer a self-explanable deep learning engine over me because it provides understandable explanations for its outputs, offering transparency, interpretability, and building trust in the decision-making process."
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Key Features of the Xpdeep Engine

Robust & efficient

Models performance is on par with or higher than standard deep learning engines. No additional computing required to access explanation as they are generated at the same time as the model.

Ethical & regulator-friendly

Foster compliance with RGPD & AI European laws regarding transparency and conformity of AI decisions.

Generic & flexible

Designed to work with any architecture, any type of data (tabular, time series, images...) and any task (classification, clustering, forecasting, generative, uplift modeling...).

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Built in France

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