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Revolutionizing Banking with Self-Explainable Deep Learning 

The Future of Intelligent Decision-Making in Banking is Here 


Why Xpdeep? 

Are you striving for model interpretability without sacrificing performance? Meet Xpdeep—the world's first self-explainable deep learning engine designed to revolutionize the banking industry.

Empowering Banking with Advanced AI Development Tools

In the dynamic landscape of banking, traditional AI systems have made significant strides in automating critical processes, but they often remain enigmatic black boxes. These systems have been effective in tasks such as fraud detection and credit assessments, yet they frequently encounter impediments that affect their performance and, consequently, the overall banking experience. Xpdeep steps in to address these challenges and elevate banking operations to new heights while providing transparency.

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Tool-Driven Reduction of False Positives in Fraud Detection

Traditional AI systems may generate a substantial number of false positives detecting fraud, money laundering and cyberattacks, which can overwhelm security teams and lead to unnecessary investigations. By accessing precise reasoning behind each decision, security teams can swiftly identify false positives, report them for model improvement, and focus their efforts on genuine security threats.

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AI Development Tools for Transparent Customer Verification

Opaque customer verification processes can test a client's patience. Xpdeep brings transparency and ease to these processes through explainable deep learning. Customers can now better comprehend automated decisions, resulting in a smoother and more satisfying verification experience, enhancing trust and customer loyalty.

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Robust Deep Learning Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Compliance isn't just about rules; it's about trust. Xpdeep's development tools are crafted to ensure that AI in banking isn't just smart but also transparent and compliant. By facilitating the eradication of biases and the guarantee of adherence to standards like GDPR, our tools simplify the daunting task of maintaining compliance, ensuring that banking operations remain fair, transparent, and aligned with legal mandates.

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Self-Explainable AI Fostering Counselors' Adoption

For bank counselors, embracing automated credit decisions can be a leap of faith, especially when the logic behind them remains cloaked. Xpdeep's developer-centric tools demystify AI, offering counselors intuitive insights and the ability to delve into granular 'what-if' analyses. This paves the way for more informed and transparent loan, credit, and insurance offerings, backed by clear metrics and sound customer segmentation.

Impact Across Key Banking Domains

Cyber Security

Traditional AI systems support cyber security by processing data for threat detection. However, these automated systems raise a lots of false alerts which are time consuming for the security team to treat.

False Positive Elimination
Xpdeep accelerates the treatement of false positives by providing the precise reasoning behind decisions. Your security team can quickly identify them, report to the developpers for model improvement and focus on genuine security threats.


Adaptive Threat Detection

Xpdeep’s self-explainable models flagg out-of-distribution data, which helps identifying precisely emerging threat patterns. With detailed explanations for each recommendation, your security team can automate countermeasures with confidence, ensuring an up-to-date defense mechanism. 

Anti Fraud & Money Laundering

AI has been employed in Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Fraud Detection to automate the detection of suspicious financial activities. Traditional AI systems may generate a high number of false alerts in AML, which can lead to unnecessary customer verification procedures and operational inefficiencies.

Reduced Verification procedures

Xpdeep optimizes AML by reducing false alerts, which in turn minimizes the need for resource-consuming customer verification procedures. Our explainable AI adds transparency to AML processes, enabling more accurate detection of genuine money laundering activities while streamlining operations. This not only improves the efficiency of your AML efforts but also ensures better auditability and GDPR compliance through detailed decision graphs and feature importance metrics.

Customer Credits

AI has been used in credit scoring to assess risk and make data-driven decisions. Traditional credit scoring models may lack transparency, making it challenging for bank counselors to trust and explain decisions to customers.

Counselors adoption

Beyond traditional credit scoring, our explainable AI offers a clear understanding of risk assessments, ensuring that counselors have actionable insights into customers' creditworthiness. Xpdeep ensures bias-free assessments by allowing you to certify your credit scoring model against biases, data leakage, and overfitting through comprehensive explanation reports.

Customers adoption

The decision's transparency improves customer interactions, fosters trust, and empowers counselors to offer loans, credits, and insurances with easily comprehensible metrics and verified customer segmentation. Additionally, it facilitates improved customer engagement by empowering counselors and customers with granular 'what-if' analyses, enabling more engaged and informed discussions.

Impact Across Key Banking Domains

Cyber Security

Reduced False Positives

  • Leverage self-explainable deep learning to dissect risk metrics, swiftly identifying false positives and focusing on genuine security threats.

Adaptive Threat Detection

  • Xpdeep’s self-explainable models are equipped to identify emerging threat patterns by flagging out-of-distribution data, thereby enhancing model robustness.

Proactive Security Measures

  • With detailed explanations for each recommendation, your security team can automate countermeasures with confidence, ensuring an up-to-date defense mechanism.

Anti Money Laundering

Optimized Alert Systems

  • With a focus on high accuracy, drastically reduce false alerts and unnecessary customer verification procedures.

Lower Operational Costs

  • Streamline investigation workflows through explainable risk assessments, allowing your team to focus on genuinely high-risk and actionable activities.

Compliant System

  • Achieve a higher level of auditability, GDPR compliance, and bias mitigation through detailed decision graphs and feature importance metrics. 

Fraud Detection

Focused Fraud Prevention

  • Eliminate a significant number of false positives, enabling your team to focus on real fraudulent activities. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Provide automated yet transparent alerts, reducing the friction involved in identity verification procedures for your customers.

Trust and Compliance

  • Cultivate trust with customers and regulatory bodies through robust security measures and robust fraud prevention mechanisms. 

Customer Credits

Data-Driven Decision Making

  • Explainable AI provides intuitive risk metrics and segmented customer profiles, enabling bank counselors to make more informed decisions. 

Counselors adoption

  • Bank counselors will embrace a solution that facilitates offering loans, credits, and insurances with easily comprehensible metrics and verified customer segmentation.

Improved Customer Engagement

  • Empower counselors and customers with granular 'what-if' analyses for more engaged and informed discussions. 

Bias-Free Assessments

  • Certify your credit scoring model against biases, data leakage, and overfitting through our comprehensive explanation reports.


Bank consellors

  • Understand automated segmentation of customers and verify possible biases.
  • Foster trust and transparency by sharing analyses with customers, ensuring seamless communication.
  • Accelerate claims processing and easilly identify false positive with explained decisions.

Insurance Underwriters

  • Access data-driven, unbiased insights for accurate risk assessment and policy pricing.
  • Base informed coverage decisions on comprehensive, fully explained customer segmentations.
  • Quickly treat claims using AI detection of fraud through AI fraud detection, featuring a clear decision grap with metric importance.

Financial Planning & Analysis

  • Trust, share, and easily explain data-driven predictions on cash flow, budget and more with your colleagues.
  • Embrace AI-driven forecasts to steer your financial services towards enhanced outcome optimization before prediction actually happens.
  • Explore what-if analysis and execute future-scenario simulations to propose bold and verified financial plannings.

Risk Managers

  • Gain insights into fraudulent activities as they occur and manage your time more efficiently.
  • Employ predictive analytics to effectively manage potential liabilities, and leverage explanations to prevent future occurrences.
  • Implement verified and reliable proactive risk management strategies to mitigate financial risks.

Ready to Transform Your Banking Operations?

With Xpdeep, you don't have to choose between speed, high accuracy and transparency. Engage in responsible AI deployment across key banking operations today and set a new standard for intelligent decision-making in the industry.

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