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A Landmark Visit by The Vice Prefect

xpdeep meeting with Sous Préfet Samy Sisaid

A Landmark Visit by Sous-Préfet Samy SISAID at Xpdeep: Advancing AI Sovereignty and Trust

At Xpdeep's headquarters in the Université Grenoble Alpes, excitement was palpable as we welcomed Monsieur le Sous-Préfet Samy SISAID, for an extraordinary visit. Our co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Ahlame Douzal, showcased our groundbreaking self-explainable deep learning framework. During this session, discussions delved into the realms of AI trustworthiness and digital sovereignty, emphasizing their strategic impacts on both French and European enterprises.

We were genuinely delighted and pleasantly surprised by Monsieur le Sous-Préfet's enthusiastic engagement and profound understanding, as he completed his education at both the École Nationale Supérieure des Mines and the École Polytechnique. Witnessing his keen interest and insightful comprehension of our technological innovations was truly invigorating and motivating for our team.

Behind the scenes, our web development team worked hard to ensure the stability of our latest product version, ensuring a seamless demonstration. We also tidied up our workspace from a hub of algorithms and equations on papers and notebooks to properly welcome such a distinguished guest.

The visit not only highlighted our commitment to innovation but also underscored our dedication to fostering trustworthy AI solutions for the future. This aligns seamlessly with the visions outlined in the French Tech ecosystem and the strategic ambitions set for our partner France 2030.

As we continue to drive innovation and shape the landscape of trustworthy AI, Xpdeep remains steadfast in its mission to champion deep learning sovereignty and trust for a digitally empowered Europe.

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