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Xpdeep Joins HPE's Acceleration Program


Ready to accelerate in good company

We are thrilled to announce that Xpdeep has been selected to be part of the prestigious 2023-2024 acceleration program by Hewlett Packard Enterprise - Milkshake Valley. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for us, and we are excited to embark on this journey alongside the talented teams at #HPE, and particularly excited to work with our mentor, Pierre Hoffer.

We are proud to stand alongside other remarkable startups and scaleups as part of this program. Himydata, igonogo, EYESEE, inventory drone solution, niiwaa, isahit, OWI Technologies, Moïz, Whispeak, TwInsight, VizioSense, and Allistic are all making significant strides in their respective fields. The collaboration and knowledge sharing within this diverse community of innovative companies promise to drive the future of AI, inspiring new possibilities and advancements.


Revolutionizing Deep Learning for HPE Customers

Our primary goal within the program is to bring our self-explainable deep learning solution to HPE customers. With our groundbreaking technology, we are transforming the development, usage, and compliance of the most powerful and high-performing AI within business applications. Our solution offers unparalleled transparency into the inner workings of deep models, providing a level of understanding that has never been seen before.

The integration of our self-explainable deep learning technology with HPE's robust ecosystem will enable businesses to leverage the full potential of AI. By providing an unprecedented level of intelligibility into the functioning of deep models, we empower organizations to develop and deploy AI solutions with confidence and compliance. Our technology ensures that businesses can fully understand the decision-making process of AI systems, enhancing trust and facilitating regulatory compliance, including GDPR requirements.

A Special Thanks to Philippe Rase, Christophe Leclercq, Linksium, and Minalogic for their support and collaboration. Their expertise and guidance have played a vital role in our journey towards revolutionizing the AI landscape.