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Xpdeep: Winner of i-Lab deeptech 2023 Competition

xpdeep-leaders-price with Stanislas Chesnais and Ahlame Douzal


Xpdeep's recognition

We are pleased to share that Xpdeep is a winner of i-Lab 2023!

The national jury recognized 79 laureates from the 400 eligible applications in the competition. Approximately 35% of the laureates had applied in a previous edition of the competition. For us, this was our first and successful attempt.

This prestigious recognition is a key milestone for our startup, born out of the University Grenoble Alpes, with the support of our partners and shareholders, SATT Linksium Grenoble Alpes and Floralis. We express our gratitude to our teams, clients, and partners for their dedication and support in making our self-explainable deep learning engine the global benchmark for trustworthy AI.


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The history of i-Lab competition

Celebrating its 25th edition, i-Lab, the deeptech startup competition, brings together entrepreneurs propelled by a shared scientific and technological passion. Led by SGPI (General Secretariat for Investment), Bruno Bonnell, France 2030, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Bpifrance, and ADEME (Agency for Ecological Transition), this milestone edition marks a significant moment in fostering innovation and collaboration.

This national competition aims to achieve two objectives:

  • Identifying and fostering the development of business creation projects based on innovative technologies.
  • Facilitating the transfer of research outcomes into the socio-economic sphere.

Since its inception, the competition has successfully achieved its goals: enabling the creation of 2,224 companies. 

In 2023, the national jury recognized 79 winners out of the 400 eligible applications for the competition. Approximately 35% of the winners had applied in a previous edition of the competition. 

We are delighted to share that this marked our inaugural application, adding to our excitement and sense of accomplishment. Now, we are determined to meet and exceed the expectations set by this milestone, striving for excellence in all our future work.